Towarzystwo Urbanistów Polskich

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Towarzystwo Urbanistów Polskich

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Society of Polish Town Planners

The Society of Polish Town Planners is an advocate for social interes in management and using Polish space. For over 80 years it unites people of various proffesions and specialities in the name of actions meant to make our urban and rural areas an environment, that would effectively serve spiritual and material needs of a human, ingrained in cultural heritage of the nation; an environment, that would harmonize with nature and enrich the beauty of the native landscape.

We are a social organization, taking our efforts for the benefit of society. We are a civic organization, open for everyone who, through their economic and political activity, as well as their knowledge and skills, improve the quality of Polish space and want it to be more and more attractive and competitive in the modern world.

The Society of Polish Town Planners was founded in 1923 by a group of eminent architects, scientists and at the same time – social workers, focused around the Warsaw University of Techonology Faculty of Architecture.

Today, the Society counts around 1000 members in over a dozen regional sections. Since the founding of professional autonomy - the Chamber of Urban Planners, the Society has been gradually changing into an association of social-scientific character, gathering enthusiasts of all issues connected with urbanism.

The statute's aim of the Society of Polish Town Planners is to conduct and support activity serving spatial management of Poland in a way, that

  • realizes the principles of sustainable development and ensures spatial order
  • protects the existing cultural, natural and landscape values and creates new ones
  • supports development and integration of local communities and best caters for their needs
  • contributes to economic development

Such expressed goals are being realized through:

  • cooperation with other social organizations, academies, scientific institutions, organs of government and regional administration and all institutions connected with regional and urban planning
  • improving professional and scientific qualifications of its members
  • advertising new research and design methods
  • expressing opinions and making expertises for the needs of interested organs responsible for spatial management, state of the environment and conditions of people's life.


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